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Top 10 interesting facts about android applications

Figure out what Android apps are really doing. Our carefully chosen facts will teach you and motivate you on your mobile journey like never before.

There is no doubt that Android shares the largest portion of the world market for smart phones. All facets of society purchase Android smart phones because they are more affordable than iPhones and have better cameras and features.

An application that is compatible with the Android operating system and is built using Android Studio, Android development kits, or frameworks is called an Android app.

10 interesting facts about android applications

Find out how Android apps work! Find out interesting things that will change the way you use your phone. Check out our carefully chosen views today.

android applications facts

In this article, we will explore the top 10 interesting facts about Android applications.

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We spend almost 100% of our screen time on android applications

Gone were the days when we used phones only for calling purposes. Since the introduction of touch screens and displays in smart phones, there has been a significant rise in screen time on smart phones, not only for adults but for individuals of all age groups. We can find all individuals busy on their smart phones, whether they are chatting on WhatsApp or viewing our favorite shows on OTT apps.

Every female android users installs shopping apps before gaming applications

Females have less attraction to gaming apps. It is proven in the research that girls are more interested in purchasing their desired products online using Android applications rather than installing and playing games online. There are many android applications for e-commerce that offer huge discounts, cash back coupons, etc.

The Android Play Store has more apps than Apple’s App Store.

Thousands of Android applications are published every hour. For developing iOS applications, we need a high-end MAC operating system, which is very costly. Today, there are approximately 1.5 times more apps on the Android Play Store than in Apple’s App Store.

More than 90% of the android applications on the android play store are monetized

If you install Android applications from the Play Store, the chances of the app being monetized are high. It means that Android applications on installation show lots of advertisements or sponsored apps. Most of these applications use AI-powered product recommendation features that use our search history to find out our interests and preferences for brands.

Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and YouTube are most popular android applications

There has been huge discussion and debate over the past decade about which apps are most popular and widely used in Android applications. If we look at any individual smart phone, we can easily find Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and YouTube installed on their phone. They are logged in to their account all the time, which keeps on using background data and consuming battery and CPU.

Reading books has become easier with screen readers and voice assistants.

When we want to read an e-book, we can simply use screen reader apps that read the text in the desired voice, male or female. In this way, we can listen to the lines of the book read by the AI-powered voice.

Many apps in the play Store collect consumer information and sell it for marketing purposes

It is difficult to identify which apps store sensitive data on smart phones and have access to files like galleries, photos, and folders. This information is used for marketing purposes and is sold to big tech companies for market analysis.

Only 2% of the applications in the Play Store are optimized; all others are just put there as they are by developers.

Android app store optimization is essential for ranking apps in the Play Store on high-traffic keywords. If these applications rank higher, they get more engagement, clicks, and downloads. Since Android application optimization is not as popular as search engine optimization, only 2% of the applications are optimized for better performance, speed, and accuracy. By app optimization, we mean using clean and optimized code for Android app development and using app store optimization techniques for listing applications on the Play Store.

Android applications can be customized as per unique business needs

Using Android applications, we can streamline the business process, collect payments, and generate bills using a Bluetooth thermal printer or POS device. These applications bring mobility to businesses and allow business representatives to deliver products directly to customers. We can perform business tasks with our Android applications and help businesses grow rapidly.

Too many uses of android application can have psychological impact

It is seen that mobile addition is mostly due to gaming applications or social media apps like YouTube, TikTok, etc. These android applications increase the screen time of the students, killing their precious time for study, which results in poor marks in examinations.

To sum up, we must say that Android applications have become part and parcel of our daily lives. From alarm clocks to reminders, we manage most of our tasks using smart phones. Smart phones in the modern world are analogous to Android applications. Modern business owners use Android applications to improve their operational efficiency and extend their market reach.

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